Margo Ryan is a travel photographer from London living in Italy.

“She has always been fascinated by the natural world and the worlds diverse cultures. She graduated with a BSc in zoology from UCL.
She’s passionate about travel and this is when she first picked up a camera. She’s a travel photographer with a focus on people, and is constantly looking for a connection to be able to get that revealing portrait, or witnessing the simple everyday life events, trying to capture a fleeting moment and record it candidly with the use of ambient light.
She loves photographing life in colour, always looking for the perfect light and atmosphere.

She’s especially attracted back to Burma (Myanmar) and Madagascar for their natural beauty and culture.”









International Color Awards (12th editions) Margo has been commanded in these 2 categories “People” and “Children of the world

Digital Medal


International Color Awards, 1st Place in Silhouette category: see more here

International Color Awards, 3rd place overall in amateur Photographer of the year 2018: see more here


2010 Shortlisted: Portrait category in Practical Photography Magazine

2007 Commended: New Talent in TPOTY

2006 Winner: Travel category in Practical Photography Magazine