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September 2022 – The Independant Photographer

Margo was a finalist in The Independent Photographer in September 2022  the theme  “Travel”


October 2022 : trip to Madagascar

After a long time of not being able to travel I’m happy to announce that I shall be back on the road this October returning to one of my favourite destinations, Madagascar.

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International Colour Awards (13th Edition)

International Colour Awards (13th Edition) Margo had two Honourable Mentions in 2 categories: Abstract Children of the World


Early 2020, Margo was in North Ethiopia

Earlier this year just before entering lockdown I was lucky enough to be travelling in Ethiopia. In the east of the country I visited the old islamic city of Harar with its colourful maze of allyways and numerous mosques. In the Amara region I was in awe at the monolithic rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the imposing beautiful cross-shaped church of Bet Giyorgis (St George). Every Sunday large numbers of pilgrims from far & wide converge on Bete Maryam a favoured […]

EXHIBITIONS 2019 – Matera Italy

from 1 to 14 August 2019 Matera European culture capital 2019 Palazzo del Casale Via Madonna delle Virtù snc 75100 MATERA, ITALY “Illuminating Travels” is an exhibition by travel photographer Margo Ryan. With a focus on people from diverse cultures, witnessing the simple everyday lives, capturing an amazing face, a fleeting moment, Margo RYAN is recording the emotion and magic of these beautiful people and places with the use of natural light. The Photographer has a fondness for eye catching […]

EXHIBITION 2019 – “Wanderlust” Umcebo Gallery Paris

 from 28 May to 28 June 2019 Galerie Umcebo 102 Boulevard Diderot 75012 Paris Gallery Umcebo presents “WANDERLUST “, A series of photographs taken in Madagascar by British photographer Margo Ryan. The big island reveals the incredible richness of its natural elements. Margo Ryan likes to focus on people, constantly looking for that revealing portrait or witnessing the simple everyday life events trying to convey the emotion of places and people and record it candidly with the use of ambient […]